Tesla Charging Stations

Sustainability meets State of the Art

For nearly 20 years, Tesla has been accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with a variety of luxury electric cars, solar panels, and other technology. Everything about Tesla embodies the mission, quality, and yes, DRIVE of the RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, which is why we chose to install charging stations at RiverWalk to welcome those who understand and have the same drive that we do.

An engineering journey and an extraordinary destination

RiverWalk Resort is proud to partner with Tesla as part of their Destination Charging Program.  This program puts RiverWalk on the map, literally, for those that travel around the country (and the world) in their Tesla Automobiles. These stations are conveniently located on the East end of the main parking lot. Don’t forget to step back a take a photo for Instagram. Loon Mountain makes the perfect background for the epic shot. #Tesla

Just like Tesla, the RiverWalk Resort is committed to sustainable energy and reducing its carbon footprint. As you can imagine, it takes A LOT of energy to power a luxury resort (think heated outdoor pool, comfortable heating and cooling in a massive building, lights, computers, and state-of-the-art mechanicals). This is why RiverWalk has employed the latest technology in its brand-new building and its future expansion. From heating and cooling efficiency, to energy recovery systems, RiverWalk itself would have made even Nikkola Tesla himself proud.

Whether you drive a Tesla Automobile or not, know this; the RiverWalk Resort is committed to a sustainable energy future, inside and out of our fabulous resort building.