The Vineyard at RiverWalk

Nestled between the towering mountains, the Pemigewasset River and the extraordinary south face of RiverWalk resort, you'll find the Seven Birches Vineyard at RiverWalk. The backyard of the resort plays host to an acre of wine grape growing, a vegetable garden, wedding ceremonies, and family fun. Here you'll find the perfect Instagram shot.



The Vines

Hybrid grape vines with names like "Brianna, LaCrescent, Marquette, Sabrevois, Frontenac, and St. Croix" were planted over 4 seasons starting in 2019 to establish the vineyard we have today. The vineyard consists of 518 vines, planted in 24 rows with a north-south orientation to maximize sun exposure. The vines are grown on the trellis with "vertical shoot positioning" and are pruned and trained annually. The best part about the vineyard is the history. This location was once an old, decrepit papermill that was replaced with this beautiful and functional green space.


The Purpose

The backyard of the resort is meant to be a place for families to gather, enjoy the outdoors and the magnificent mountains that surround. The vineyard, and adjacent vegetable garden, in the valley of the White Mountains, not only provides the setting for memorable outdoor experiences, the fruit from those vines are used in the winery and the home-grown vegetables and herbs are used in the kitchen. The vineyard at RiverWalk is beautiful, yes. But it is also functional, sustainable, and a source for food and wine for years to come.

The Memories

Imagine a stroll through the vineyard on a fall day, sun warm on your face, and a soft breeze rustling the leaves on the vine. Imagine a warm summer day in your wedding dress with your family and friends seated ready to witness your vows in the gazebo at the end of the vineyard rows. Imagine yourself seated on your RiverWalk veranda with a glass of wine in hand gazing at the majestic mountains and vineyard below. Time spent in the vineyard at RiverWalk will be an experience you won't soon forget. Plus, you'll have a whole camera roll of pictures to remind you.

For more information on the winery or the vineyard, visit Seven Birches Winery