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Air Adventure

Adventures abound above the forest floors; zip-through the treetops, explore the aerial adventure park, and reach for the summit onboard Cannon’s Tram or Loon’s Gondola.

The bird’s eye view of RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain is exceptional to say the least.  And, there are a number of aerial adventures in the White Mountains that provide the excitement and the view at the same time.  Soar among the treetops, ride the tram, climb the fire tower, and summit the highest peaks in the Northeast.


The excitement builds as you gear up for your first zipline tour at one of 2 zipline adventure courses in the Western White Mountains.  Next, your heart starts to race as you climb the trees to the platform for your first jump.   Then, pure adrenaline kicks in as you go weightless for a moment speed through the trees and over the river.  Last, your face hurts from smiling and your throat is sore from screaming with excitement.  Sound fun?  It most certainly is, and there are multiple ways to get some for yourself.  Alpine Adventures is the #1 rated zipline course in New England was one of the first zipline courses to start the trend across the world.  Loon Mountain Resort has added a new zipline attraction as part of their adventure center, zipping across the Pemigewasset River (same river as RiverWak).

Aerial Challenge Courses

Also at Alpine Adventures on Main Street in Lincoln, NH is the exciting and challenging, Thrillsville Aerial Adventure Park.  Climb the ropes, take a freefall plunge, scale the climbing walls, and test your gall on the big air bag.  Over at Loon Mountain, the Aerial Forest will challenge your strength, speed, balance and wit, as you make your way through this unique adventure course.

Trams and Gondolas

One of the best ways to see the mountains is from the 30-passenger tram at Cannon Mountain and aboard the longest gondola skyride at Loon Mountain.  Both of these high-wire tours are used in winter to bring skiers up the mountain.  But, the rest of the year, adventure seekers take to the skies to summit their respective peaks.  The views are amazing.

Fire Towers

Many of NH’s highest peaks with 360° views have fire towers that served as fire safety lookouts for the White Mountains.  Today, many of these towers serve as a perches for adventure seekers looking to get the best views.  Lincoln, NH is home to 2 towers that are worth climbs;  at the summit of Loon Mountain there is a fire tower that gives impressive views of the entire White Mountains with one of the best views of Mount Washington on a clear day.   At Indian Head Resort you can climb the tower to get one of the best views of Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head) which is a profile of the famed Indian chief with the same name.

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